This database contains a number of inventor models that I created for myself and wish to share with other Inventor users. It also contains some models I downloaded from other sites like Those downloaded models were always updated to Autodesk inventor versions 2010 or 2011 and modified to suit my style of work. I have included the links to the original files in the remarks.

The majority of the models on this site are mostly mechanical or shipbuilding related, because I am a mechanical engineer with experience in shipbuilding and (offshore) cranes. There are also a couple of models I created when I was in a funny mood (the CE-logo, a clothes peg and a Euro pallet). Until now I never used these models in real life designs. I made those just for fun and I am happy to share them with you.

Some of the models in this database can also be found in the Inventor Content Center. Models offered on this site that are available in the Inventor Content Center are usually of a better quality than the ones in the Inventor Content Center. All models on this site were created or edited with Autodesk Inventor release 2010, 2011 or 2014. They are free to use in your designs as you please. The only thing I ask from you in return is that you do not claim that you are the creator. If someone complements you on the models or asks where you got them from, be honest and mention that you got them from

Explanation of the data sheet

This line contains a link to download the file
TitleThe value displayed in the field Title in the iProperties
DimensionsCustom field in the iProperties containing the dimensions or the type of the part/assembly.
MaterialThe material of the part (you can of course change it if you want)
RemarksSome extra info about the part/assembly. For example whether it is an iPart and what sizes are available or which iProperties are automatically updated. Clicking on a help icon in the remarks field will open a new window with extra information.
Created withThe version of Inventor used to create or modify the part/assembly.