Inventor 2014 file format

All of the files in the Inventorfiles database were created with either Inventor 2010 or Inventor 2011. At this point in time Inventor 2016 is already one month available. So starting from today most new files will be added to the database in the Inventor 2014 format, since this is the version I currently use at work.

Curved chains

Added two curved chains Curved chain 1 and Curved chain 2 to category 3353 (Chain). The difference between the two is the way the start and end links are orientated (horizontal or vertical). The number of links is automatically adjusted depending on the span. Adjust the links size to suit your needs.

New layout

The layout of has slightly changed. The DWF preview is removed because it took to long to load. Perhaps there will be a new preview on the future, but for now it’s just a JPG. The site should also be faster. (If you are familiar with HTML: I removed the frames and used div tags instead).